From intention to behavior: Within- and between-person moderators of the relationship between intention and physical activity

 Distance-based one-class time-series classification approach using local cluster balance 

OCSTN: One-class time-series classification approach using asignal transformation network into a goal signal

Daniel Jandačka a kol.

děkan Pedagogické fakulty

Achilles tendon structure is associated with regular running volume and biomechanics

Joaquin U. Gonzales a kol.

Texas Tech University

Influence of sleep duration and sex on age-related differences in heart rate variability: Findings from program 4 of the HAIE study

Petr Kutáč a kol.

Vedoucí antrometrické laboratoře

The Effect of Regular Physical Activity on Muscle and Adipose Tissue in Premenopausal Women.

Jan Malůš a kol.

Laborant biomechanické laboratoře

Marker Placement Reliability and Objectivity for Biomechanical Cohort Study: Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment (HAIE—Program 4)

Steriani Elavsky a kol.

Vedoucí behaviorální laboratoře

Physical activity in an air-polluted environment: behavioral, psychological and neuroimaging protocol for a prospective cohort study (Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment study – Program 4)

Lukáš Cipryan a kol.

Vedoucí fyziologické laboratoře

Regular running in an air-polluted environment: physiological and anthropometric protocol for a prospective cohort study (Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment Study – Program 4)

Jaroslav Uchytil a kol.

Vedoucí biomechanické laboratoře

Running and Physical Activity in an Air-Polluted Environment: The Biomechanical and Musculoskeletal Protocol for a Prospective Cohort Study 4HAIE (Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment—Program 4)


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