PROGRAM 2: Molecular-epidemiological study of the evaluation of the influence of air pollution on the genome in newborns, mothers, guards and runners or inactive.

EU Centre of excellence

The molecular-epidemiological study of Program 2 includes the evaluation of the influence of air pollution on the genome of newborns, mothers, guards, runners and inactive individuals. Specifically, the study of DNA methylation and expression of selected genes, the study of lipid peroxidation, DNA adduct formation, oxidative DNA damage, the study of exposure to persistent contaminants and concentrations of PAU metabolites, the study of lipidoma, antioxidant activity and immune markers and the study of morbidity in children under 2 years of age. The reprotoxicity study will also study the relationship of biomarkers of genetic damage and oxidative damage to sperm damage in industrial and control sites. The study of runners (Program 4) will study the influence of the load of runners and inactive persons in the industrial (Moravian-Silesian Region) and control locality (South Bohemian Region) on miRNA levels and oxidative damage.

For participants of Program 4, participation in the study of Program 2 means consent to additional urine and blood collection (as part of initial testing) for analysis and evaluation of selected genetic indicators, filling in an online questionnaire (followed by consultation on initial testing with an LF staff member), picking up the dust monitor from the Department of Human Movement Studies (Katedra studií lidského pohybu, Varenská 40a, Ostrava 702 00) or at one of the boarding points in the South Bohemian Region and wearing a dust monitor for 24 hours before the initial examination outside the laboratory in your home environment (the monitor is described in the video below). Participation in the study of Program 2 is compensated by a financial reward beyond the participation in Program 4


* Investigator: Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Department of Genetic Toxicology and Nanotoxicology


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