Filling out an online questionnaire in the comfort of your home

Visit to the laboratory and 2 days of entrance examination

Wearing a FITBIT bracelet and installing a mobile application

Answering short questionnaires on a mobile phone

  • A total of four times in 12 months, short questionnaires will be sent to you via our mobile application several times a day, always for a period of 14 days
  • At this time it is necessary to wear a Fitbit bracelet and also to synchronize it regularly (synchronization takes place automatically via Bluetooth)
  • Enabling location on your phone will also allow us to match your data with air pollution statistics for that region and time. We do not monitor and store your location (!), We only use it to locate the nearest air quality measuring station, from where we download current data on environmental pollution, which we then store in a database.

Injury reporting and physical activity

  • Via the HAIE mobile application, you will also report new injuries related to physical activity
  • In addition, every week you will receive a short questionnaire in the application asking about possible injuries
  • Please also report episodes of physical activity directly in the application. Please report on intentional physical activity lasting at least 20 minutes, during which there was an increase in heart rate and respiratory rate and sweating. If you are not sure whether to report an activity, it is always better to report it.


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