Instructions for using the Fitbit application

Phone notifications settings

Settings and specifics of HUAWEI phones (or other Chinese-made phones where there are problems with synchronization via Bluetooth)

In case of problems with synchronization of the bracelet via Bluetooth with the phone, it is possible to use alternative methods of synchronization via another device (e.g. computer or tablet)

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Confirmation for returning Fitbit


While participating in the study, it is most important to make sure that you have Bluetooth turned on on your phone and that you are logged in to the Fitbit application (login details were provided to you when you visited our Center). There should also still be a HAIE logo on the top bar of the phone to indicate that you are involved in the study. The HAIE application must be active so that we can send you questionnaires.

Timed questionnaires will be sent to you automatically in four time windows: morning (between 8: 00-12: 00), two daily (one between 12: 00-16: 00 and one between 16: 00-20: 00), evening (notification between 20: 00-22: 00 – however, it is possible to fill in by 23:59). You will always receive only one questionnaire at a random time in a given time period, ie one day the morning questionnaire may come to you at 8:30 and the next day at 11:00.

In addition, every Sunday between 16:00 – 20:00 you will receive a short questionnaire about possible injuries.

You can only adjust the morning time if you get up later than 8:00, or the evening time if you go to bed earlier than 22:00. The settings can be made directly in the HAIE application (icon with four dots) in the upper right by clicking on the three dots that shows you the Settings. Here you can change the start of the morning time window to a later time (eg 9:00) or change the evening time window to end before 22:00 (eg 21:30). If you change the settings, the questionnaires will be sent to you in new time limits. Other time windows cannot be changed.

If the settings of your application are made correctly, the questionnaires will be sent to you in the given time intervals (even if you are not currently connected to the Internet). It is possible that you received the questionnaire, but you missed filling it out. The questionnaire is always available for only 45 minutes. Please try to change the notification style on your phone so that you can register the incoming questionnaire (eg change the vibration to a sound effect or vice versa, depending on what suits you). The settings are made directly in the settings of your phone as well as when setting up incoming messages / sms, etc. Questionnaires should work properly even when you are offline (ie without an internet connection).

If you feel that you have not received the questionnaire, it may be for other reasons, such as strict security settings or setting the battery saving mode, which causes the phone to turn off applications running in the background. This problem is common with Huawei phones. For tips on how to solve these problems, please click HERE .

Otherwise, please contact us.

Questionnaire notifications may not work properly if you have the phone’s security settings in the strictest mode or have battery saving settings (eg stamina or ultra stamina mode). In these situations, the phone system may turn off some notifications. Here, the solution is to change the phone’s settings to a less stringent mode or turn off battery saving mode. Changes can be made in Phone settings. 

You should report any intentional physical activity that lasted longer than 20 minutes and increased your heart rate and breath. In the HAIE application, click on the + icon at the bottom and then on the displayed physical activity icon (“runner”). A questionnaire on physical activity will be loaded for you at the top and you will fill it in by clicking.

Also, please report any musculoskeletal injuries (muscles, tendons, bones, joints) that you have suffered. In the HAIE application, click on the + icon and then on the “Injury report”. The injury report questionnaire will be loaded at the top, which you can fill out by clicking.

The Fitbit application has been installed so that it is possible to record data from your fitness bracelet. After the initial setup of the bracelet, you do not need to work with the application. It is important to stay logged in to the application and not log out so that automatic data synchronization can take place. After completing our study, you can uninstall the application.

 It’s necessary to charge the FitBit bracelet about every 5 days. The bracelet with the low battery icon and the FitBit application should alert you to a low battery through a notification. To charge the bracelet, it is necessary to snap a special charger, which was part of the bracelet package. The charger snaps from the bottom of the FitBit so that a small hole fits around the FitBit button. When connected correctly, the charger should click and the FitBit, if the charger is already connected to a socket or laptop, should vibrate gently. You can also tell when the FitBit is charging by the fact that the charging battery icon appears on the display.

In this case, it is possible to synchronize the Fitbit bracelet with your computer or laptop, using the computer version of the Fitbit application and the bluetooth connector. Don’t forget that in this case it is necessary to synchronize the Fitbit bracelet via the computer, but the questionnaires will always go to your smartphone. If you use computer synchronization, it is even more important to think about filling in manual questionnaires every time you have performed physical activity for at least 20 minutes (especially during the period when the questionnaires go to your phone). The procedure for synchronization via the bluetooth connector can be found HERE.


Please send the bracelet together with all accessories (charger or bluetooth connector) back in a padded envelope so that the device is not damaged. It can also be delivered in person directly to the Center for Human Movement Diagnostics (Centra diagnostiky člověka pohyb, Ostrava, Varenská 40a) or to the contact point in České Budějovice. Detailed information for the return of the bracelet will be sent to you in time.


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