Excursions and workshops in the Center for Human Movement Diagnostics:

According to modern research, a person's movement reveals far more than a layman could imagine. As part of a 45-minute excursion in the laboratories of the Center for Human Movement Diagnostics (research institute of the Department of Human Movement Studies at the University of Ostrava), you can try out how modern methods of movement analysis work in sport. Demonstrations for children and adults are prepared. Part of the excursion is the possibility to have a complete analysis of the composition of the human body. With INBody, for example, you can find out what percentage of water, muscle, fat and other values you have in your body.

The Center for Human Movement Diagnostics offers these excursions to schools and other interest groups. As a research institute, the Center focuses on disseminating knowledge in the field of sports, seeks to transfer research results into practical applications beneficial to society and, last but not least, to increase public awareness of the positive impact of physical activity on various aspects of life.

If you are interested, contact the employee of the Center for Human Movement Diagnostics, Adam Motyka.


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